Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lazy Blogger

It has recently been pointed out to me by the blog police (I won't name names, but you know who you are) that I haven't posted since May. So today, on the second to last day of July, I am sneaking in a post so that I've only missed the entire month of June (and most of July). 

Today, I went to Bergen Shippers, where all of Gryphon's clothes are shipped from our various factories and then received, counted, logged, picked, packed and shipped out to our stores. We always receive in our offices, prior to bulk production shipments, a TOP sample (Top Of Production) to approve (or reject), but sometimes (and sometimes more than sometimes), shit happens and things go wrong and clothes appear at the warehouse that don't look like the TOP samples we approved. So, just in case, we like to go to Bergen Shippers and look at the actual production before it ships to stores and consumers to make sure it all looks and fits like it should. There's nothing more humiliating and heartbreaking for a fashion company than to have a store call and catch you completely ignorant of the fact that your clothes are missing important parts (like, say, belt loops or sometimes sleeves). 
this is Gryphon's Boyfriend Timeless Trench (just featured in InStyle's Makeover issue!), waiting to be shipped to its new home.

On this trip, I was accompanied by Stephanie (Gryphon's Sales Director) and Laura (Gryphon's summer intern). Laura tried on a few things so we could see for certain that the fit/cut/make was as per our approval of the TOP. Isn't she cute (see below)? Everything we made her try looked so cute on her, I'm not sure the clothes were actually made as they should be or if Laura just makes it look good (our factories should thank Laura for making everything look cute and preventing rejects).