Wednesday, October 26, 2011


At 34 weeks pregnant, my daily routine of deciding what to wear has narrowed down to very few options and even fewer that are gryphon. In my pre-pregnancy life, I wore at least 1 piece of gryphon a day (not out of any obligation to myself) but more just because I liked to and it makes sense to me to take advantage of the hundreds of samples I have in the archives. Lately, I've been down to zero items of gryphon unless you count my coat that I take off indoors.

But today, it seemed slightly warmer to me (but really that was just the heat in my apartment kicking into high gear), so decided to wear the Claudia Skirt from our Spring '12 collection.

Claudia Skirt worn with a GAP maternity tank and my new UGGS! I know Uggs can be polarizing, but with 20 extra pounds weighing down on my feet, they are a dream....