Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting Dressed

New York Fashion Week means something very different in my life as a designer than it did in my life as a magazine editor.

Then, it meant running from 8am to 10pm everyday from back to back presentations and shows and the occasional party dressed as a better version of myself (or more fashionable version of myself). On the best of days when the clothes on the runway looked great and the clothes on me felt good, it was uplifting and transcendent (truly) to see beauty, creativity and commerce coalesce. On a bad day, when the clothes on the runway looked obvious or tired and so did I, it was exhausting. But there was always a certain joy to dressing up as the best possible version of me. It's about loving clothes and loving style - and that's why I do what I do.

Now, New York Fashion Week means a moment in time (well, really the start of a month-long moment in time) when several months of creative, physical and emotional upheaval is judged worthy or unworthy of generating approximately half of my annual revenue to sustain (or not) my little gryphon world. So far, it seems to have worked out okay....but it's still incredibly nerve-wracking. I like to escape by still obsessively looking at what's happening on the runway to see if I would have been having a fun day or a tiring one had my career stayed on its editorial path.

This morning, I saw the one show (so far) from NYFW that made me want to get dressed in something other than my pj's and face the day. I'm not wearing any gryphon (I did wear a gryphon coat over it all though), so it won't go on What Aimee Wore. It's not quite as chic or luxe as the original inspiration, but it still made me happy today. The Row made my week.

photo via style.com

photo via style.com

photo via my iphone