Thursday, September 22, 2011


Warning: this post is not gryphon related, though it is a little bit about clothes and style.

I'm currently 7 months pregnant and while I am trying (though I'm not really trying THAT hard. I'm a little tired) to not be shallow and vain and obsessed with my looks, getting dressed is becoming increasingly difficult. We are currently in market for sales and press for the new Spring 2012 collection, meeting with store buyers and fashion editors and I feel pressure in this image based industry to represent my brand well. Every proportion and fabric that I used to take for granted as working for my body no longer does and I'm not completely convinced that those proportions and fabrics will magically look good on me again post-pregnancy.

So as I get dressed everyday and purge my closet to make room for my son (he may or may not be living in my closet, also known as our second bedroom), I stress over not just what to wear that day, but what I will wear in the future as a young mom (whoops. that was a wishful thinking slip. I meant NEW mom). My legs might appreciate a few more inches of length than the coverage my vast array of mini minis and short shorts provide. My son might not like being cuddled against some crunchy sequins.

And then today, I was faced with my hardest maternity fashion challenge to date: what to wear to a black tie event when 8 months pregnant? Oh the pressure! The horror! Can you imagine? A giant baby bump swathed in tight sequins, reflecting light at every angle? I have tried to purchase as few maternity pieces as possible since their useful life span is so short, but I think I may need to actually buy an appropriate dress for these upcoming occasions. But what do I buy? What do I even look for?

I'll try to think about this subject of my pregnant looks a little less and focus on other things, like eating well for my baby and being nice to my husband. But, I can't make any promises.

This is the gym at the Oberoi Hotel in New Delhi, where I realized that my sudden weight gain and crushing fatigue might actually be a fetus, and not old age and jetlag

4 months - not so hard to get dressed yet.

5 months - don't look at me. I'm hideous.

6+ months - adding more and more stretch fabrics to my wardrobe

This picture's just funny.