Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shy and Retiring

Fashion's not really a business for the shy and retiring. If a look at the street style blogs from the past month of Fashion Weeks is any indication, fashion people love a big, bold look. And it's not just about looks (of course not), with the relentless pace of this business, the increasingly crowded market and steadily rising prices in raw goods you have to practically scream (metaphorically) to be heard by your customers and vendors. By nature, I'm not a screamer (metaphorically or otherwise) so it's fighting nature everyday to fight to be heard in this business.

So, it made me smile this morning to rediscover this birthday card my parents (really my mom) sent me last year. I'll give you 1 guess where I come by my nature...

1 comment:

  1. Classic!! Sounds very much like my parents and their parents (ha-ha). I love your designs - the simple yet intricate, timeless, and classic cuts are what make your brand 100% beautiful.